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Presenting a jubilant blend of authentic alt-country melodies with a straight forward Southern Rock flavor, Bootleg Dynasty’s “salt of the earth” vibe provides the listener with a distinct Americana sound. Driven by their love for the rich history of Americana music and an overwhelming sense of community, the band produces songs that are honest and identify the joys and heartaches of everyday life. The band’s energetic live performance provides something that is often overlooked in the world of entertainment: heart. Recently named as the 2013 Carolina Music Awards Americana Artist of the Year, the first of two full length albums entitled "Moving at Night" was released in December and is currently being distributed worldwide through Tate Music Group and Lathan Entertainment. Bootleg Dynasty's driving force is best put into words by lead singer/songwriter, Brad Lackey, “You can’t fake sincerity, whatever emotional state you are in, it has to be authentic, true, and honest; that’s what we try to deliver in every song, and every performance.”
Spring Sampler – 2014